The Best 7 Tips For Getting Into Ketosis

7 Tips for getting into Ketosis 2 | KetoGenius

7 Tips For Getting Into Ketosis

Ketosis induces numerous health benefits as you may have already known by now. There is no way you’re going to cut your carbohydrates intake without feeling the difference in your body. Of course, ketosis isn’t just about cutting your carbohydrate consumption as you’ll learn in this article. 

Before we go deep into the exact tips that will help you induce ketosis in your body, let’s look at the following facts. During Ketosis, your body uses an alternative source of energy in the form of ketone bodies, to carry out its functions. These ketone bodies are gotten from the metabolism of fats which replace carbs on this type of dieting.

7 Tips for getting into Ketosis | KetoGenius

Here’s a quick reminder of the numerous health benefits of kept dieting:

  • Very beneficial for weight loss owing partly to their appetite-suppressing effects.
  • Keeps you energetic and full for longer periods hence keeping your appetite in check
  • It improves and strengthens brain function.
  • Reduces risk of metabolic disorders like type II diabetes.
  • Reduces risk of heart disease by ensuring increased level of High Density Cholesterol (HDL) or good cholesterol in the body.
  • Generally, improves overall well-being.

These benefits don’t just come to you. You influence them. And here are 7 effective tips to that help you kickstart your journey into ketosis

1. Minimize Your Carbohydrate Intake

By default, carbohydrates are the preferred energy source for the body. However, going low on carbs gives room for an alternative – fats. So,  low-carb diet depletes the body’s store of glycogen thereby forcing the body to switch to a backup plan in fat metabolism.

Now, with the low-carb consumption in keto diets, glycogen stores are quickly depleted as with a decline in hormonal insulin level. This paves way for fatty acids to be released from fat stores in your body.

Your liver then converts these fatty acids into ketone bodies which the body uses as fuel. Ketosis just happened. 

In achieving ketosis, cutting down on carbs is top on the list of factors to be considered.

However, the degree of carb reduction needed is more of an individual thing as it varies from one individual to another.

This also largely depends on whether you’re getting into Ketosis to promote weight loss, reduce sugar level, reduce risk factors for heart diseases or If you’re into it for therapeutic purposes as seen in the management of epilepsy.

The latter, should however be done under the supervision and guidance of a medical personnel. Generally, the daily carb limit for the keto diets is kept at around 30 grams even though it varies from individual to individual. This is one of the best tips for getting into Ketosis.

7 Tips for getting into Ketosis 2 | KetoGenius

2. Consumption of Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous Ketones are supplements that help you achieve ketosis faster. They are made from compounds called ketone bodies most preferably beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB ketones).

BHB ketones are the most abundant ketones in the body, constituting over 70℅ of the total ketone bodies in the blood. It is also a good source of fuel for the body.

Ingesting exogenous ketone supplements reduces the time it will ordinarily take you to get into ketosis while minimizing unpleasant side effects.

7 Tips for getting into Ketosis 3 | KetoGenius

3. Exercise your body

Engaging in physical activity can increase ketone levels during keto dieting. This effect is also enhanced by working out in a fasting state.

Exercise or increased physical activity helps a person deplete the glycogen stores in their body. In most cases, the glycogen stores become replenished when a person eats carbs.

However, when a person is on a low-carb ketogenic diet, they will not be replenishing their glycogen stores but would be increasing the production of ketones by their body.

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4. Fasting

Generally, fasting or going without food for short periods can help one achieve ketosis faster. You could also try intermittent fasting or fat fasting if you’re scared of going without food.

Yes, fat fasting mimics the effects of the traditional fasting as a ketone boosting method while making sure you have something in your stomach.

It entails consuming about 1,000 calories per day, 85% – 90% of which come from fat. This combination of low carb and  high fat diet helps induce ketosis faster.

7 Tips for getting into Ketosis 5 | KetoGenius

5. Ramp up Protein Intake

While a moderate protein intake is required to induce ketosis, care should be taken to ensure that protein levels in the body does not get critically low. This is because protein provides the building blocks that keep your body healthy and refreshed hence the need for adequate protein consumption while doing keto.

Consuming too little protein can lead to breakdown of  muscle mass, whereas excessive protein intake will suppress ketone production. So, the idea is to strike a balance and consuming at least 0.8 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass.

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6. Take MCT Oil

Including coconut oil in your diets can help you get into ketosis faster. As you may or not already know, coconut oil is a good source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

Unlike most fats, MCTs are rapidly metabolized by the liver or converted into ketones for energy by the cells. This fast metabolism of MCTs helps induce ketosis real quick when compared to long chain fatty acids which take longer time to get processed by the body.

Coconut oil is a rich source of MCTs and making it part of your diet will increase your body’s ketone level.

7 Tips for getting into Ketosis 6 | KetoGenius

7. Reduce Snacking

Finally, it’s not just about getting into keto but staying keto. Even when you are away from home, you have to maintain a keto friendly diet. You may need to eat snacks as you travel but ensure the snacks you choose abide by the rules of kept. 

Reduce snacking if you must but if you choose to be at them often, keto nut butters, seeds and the likes should be the way to go. 

The idea is to make healthy choices when eating out.


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In a Nutshell - Post 7 tips to get you into Ketosis

Keep an eye on your carbohydrate consumption while adhering to the tips shared above and watch your body transition smoothly into ketosis. Keep in mind that no two individuals achieve ketosis the same way. So you have to do what works best for you even as you track your ketone level.