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Keto Calculator to Lose Weight

Use our Keto Calculator to lose weight and get an insight into what will work for your shape, size, goals and food regime. This works with any Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert or Snack recipes you can find on our platform.

If you’re realistic with the information you enter into the Keto Calculator to lose weight, you will be provided with a very achievable guide to your personal goals. If you need any further info on getting yourself into a state of Ketosis, just check out our articles for a detailed set of steps to get you there safely and tastily.

Remember, the Keto Diet consists of high fat, medium protein and low amounts of carbohydrates. We cut out the bread, sugars, grains, flour, sweets, below ground vegetables and most fruits to get our body running ketones for energy. With our Keto Calculator, weight loss is a guarantee!

If you’d also like to speed up your weight loss journey by adding in some exercises, check out our article on whether this will speed things up here

Good luck and welcome aboard!


Please be aware that the Keto Calculator is designed as a tool to assist, and should add to, not replace any advice from medical professionals. All recipes on this platform are designed to assist those serious about Keto for weight loss and lifestyle change.

Keto Calculator to Lose Weight in 2021
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