Super Low Carb Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders in 6 Easy Steps

Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders | KetoGenius
  • Prep Time
    15 minutes
  • Cook Time
    15 minutes
  • Serving
    4 People

Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like chicken tenders. Add that Southern American flavour to it and you’ve got yourself an irresistible snack or meal. But, what about the carb content? Aren’t they deep fried and coated in bread!?

Yes, but not these Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders! They won’t knock you out of Ketosis. They won’t slow you down or make you feel sluggish & tired. They won’t sit on your waistline no matter how many times a week you eat them. 

You can even add a southern style dipping sauce which will take you about 30 seconds to make, and that’s if you move slow!

For our sauce, we take about 3oz (100ml) of sour cream and pop it into a bowl. 

Then, we take a few dashes of almost any hot sauce, stir and adjust to taste. Our preference is Tabasco Sauce, but you are welcome to use any hot sauce you prefer. It’s THAT easy!

Then, follow the below recipe for Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders, dip them in and enjoy!

Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders & Tabasco Sauce | KetoGenius



Per Serving

  • Daily Value*
  • Carbohydrates: 2g
  • Protein: 27g
  • Fat: 8g


Step 1

Add together into a mixing bowl the Parmesan, seasoning, garlic powder and pork rinds and combine until well mixed. Don't be afraid to crush up the rinds.

Step 2

Crack your eggs and whisk (or give a quick whizz in a NutriBullet) until you have an Egg wash.

Step 3

Dip the chicken into the Egg wash, then into your coating mixture.

Step 4

Using a high sided frying pan/skillet (or even a saucepan if you're struggling for cooking vessels), heat about an inch of your olive oil until it starts to bubble (but not spit everywhere!).

Step 5

Be very careful, using a cooking spoon (or other utensil with a handle), drop the tenders into the oil. Cook for about 3-4 minutes each side. Don't be too rough with them or the coating will fall off.

Step 6

Remove with your utensil and place on paper towel to absorb any excess oil and allow to cool. Then, you are ready to serve your Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders!


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